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Miss Kitty,

I hope that you can see the picture at the bottom of the page or from the attachment link! I know it's been a while since I received the dress, but I just wanted to let you know that the dress I bought from you was the talk of the event I went to! Women's wear daily just loved it! they took a bunch of pics! I was thrilled! Thank you so much for the absolutely beautiful dress! You made my night!

Megan Wright

hi! i'm attaching a couple pictures my friend took of me at the wedding so you can see how fabulous the dress was! it was a huge hit. besides people calling me miss pink all night, i got compliments all over. only bad thing, i didn't get any pictures with the coat because it was 90 degrees that day!

i do have a question about cleaning, is it alright to get it dry cleaned with the beads? i'll just die if there's any damage to it.

thanks again for everything and i love your store!


Hello Miss Kitty

I had some great images taken in my adorable skirt!

DeeDee xox


Just wanted to let you know these beauties arrived; the fit is like they were custom-made and flat-out super-comfortable. Truly my lucky day when I found these at catspajamasvintage! Thanks so much.

Karen Tracy

Hello, Miss Kitty!

Just wanted to stop by and tell you what you already know--this hat is a masterpiece! It is just so delicate and as light as the feathers on it; but it gives the look of being SO MUCH hat--almost reminiscent of the very large Victorian hats. The workmanship is amazing--and yes, it can be worn a number of ways--I like it best on me worn on an angle. Really wanted a "cocktail" hat for an event, and this is the best!

Thanks again!


Just wanted to say thank you so much! The feedback system doesn't allow enough room to write all of the things I wanted to, but your items are just amazing. I've ordered from you once before and, in both cases, the pieces have been in excellent condition and they don't even have that vintage-like smell that most old items do. Thanks for the fast shipping, also. Your merchandise is the best! So glad that I found you.

Best wishes,
Sherri (Van Erik's wife)

Hi, There! Your beautiful dress has arrived safe and sound, and I am so PLEASED. The color is just gorgeous, and it fits absolutely perfectly, due to your perfect measurements. I appreciate your great communication and superfast delivery. I have just left positive feedback for you, and as always I thank you very much.

It has been a pleasure.

Deb Bartgis (fierydeb)
Sparks, NV


I rec'd the green bangle and think it is absolutely gorgeous! Just beautiful - the condition of the silver is breathtaking. Thank you very much.


Hi, Miss Kitty!

Thanks for checking in! The show was great, but my outfit was even better. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that people on the sidewalks of NY parted when I walked from my hotel to dinner and to the theatre and to Sardi's for the after party. (Did I mention that Dr. Ruth was there? She loved the show, but loved the spotlight more. She is barely 5 feet tall!). I felt like the best dressed woman at the event - and there was plenty of big money competition. (Handed out plenty of your cards - one for every compliment!)I haven't felt that good in a long time and it is all thanks to you! The kimono will be going to the opera on Friday night. Hope I don't steal the show. Thanks a million!



I LOVE MY PURSE, I LOVE MY PURSE, I LOVE MY PURSE, I LOVE MY PURSE! My daughter's both love it way! I'm not gonna share! Thanks a bunch and have a great weekend!

Alice Botsford

Hello dear Miss Kitty!

I've just received the beautiful dress! Soooooooooo lovely! I like it very much. Thank you so much. I'll come back again!

Thanks again
Saori Hatakenaka

Miss Kitty,

Thanks for sending my order so quickly. I received it within a few days of ordering it. The 1920s damask shoes were absolutely beautiful! It's always cool to meet people who know Fort Collins, although it is my adopted town, having come from Alaska. Still, I've been here awhile now, and it's my home. You have a really cool Web site, by the way. It's the best one of its kind I've found. Thanks again.


Hi Kitty:

The suit, hat, and seersucker robe. They all fit well and they look great. I cannot begin to tell you how super the robe is in person. I know it is destined to become one of my favorite dresses!! The cut, fabric & colors are just exquisite. Thanks so much for the super fast shipping and I hope to have a chance to use my extra 50% coupon off soon!


Miss Kitty,

I cannot tell you how excited my 22 year old daughter is about this dress. She has shown pictures of it to everyone and has the purr-fect figure for it. She loved the history of the dress too. I've never really been able to get the girl to wear dresses until now. What a great website. Thanks for the purr-fect pick up for a young lady who was in tears over a silly man until she saw your website and that dress. HA, nothing like looking stunning to pick up a woman's spirits.


Hi Miss Kitty,

I received the boots today and they are exquisite! I am so pleased with them! I would leave positive ebay feedback for you if I could, but my thanks and praise will have to do. Indeed, they are in wonderful condition and I think the world of them. Thank you again!



I have loved your website since I found it quite a long time ago from an Ebay vintage clothing seller's link. As a fairly recent devotee' of vintage (and just now small enough to wear most of the tiny stuff at a modern size 2), I am devouring all I can read about the history of American clothing design (and the European couture houses, of course, but I knew more about them from mainstream fashion magazines). I love your newsletters and look forward to opening them every month!!

I want to especially thank you for the proper introduction to the late Bonnie Cashin. Because of items you have had on your website, I was able to quickly spy a gorgeous tomato red and tan coat with her label and the trademark brass toggle closures down the front and on the pockets. I don't think it had ever been worn. :)

Sadly, I passed up a Pauline Trigere' coat which, in hindsight, I also should have bought for the lovely cut and drape of the tweed fabric and her name, of course.

Please keep on informing the newer collector such as me of how American vintage evolved. :)

I will treasure my Cashin coat always, and also wanted you to know that I print out and save your newsletters.

Amanda Turnock

Thanks for featuring my Vintage Style among your recommended books, and congratulations on your recent film project. I really enjoy receiving your newsletter--your word choices put a little "punch" (as they say on HGTV) into vintage!

All the best for the holidays and the new year,

Desire Smith

I did get my first two orders and thank you for combining them! I loved every single item! Thank you for the discount on my next order and free shipping. Ill make sure to use it soon.

Thank you... Debbie


I wanted to write and tell you that the necklace came today!! It is even better than the photos!! All I can say is AQUA indeed!! :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
*Big Smiles*

hi miss kitty!

i received my order yesterday from jimmy, my ups man, and I am so pleased! the jacket is roomy and warm; I wore it today. the hat is just spectacularly cool! I will wear it with joy. thank you and I will be shopping you soon!

mary ragan