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Dear catspajamasvintage,

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my purchase. The Jonathan Logan dress is in great condition and fits me perfectly!! I'm going to wear it on a very special occasion; my Opening Night on Broadway here in NYC next weekend. So the quick shipping was a plus. I'm an actress in THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS which opens here on 10/31 and hopefully I'll have a photo to share with you from the "red carpet" :) Thanks again!


Dear catspajamasvintage,

Great. The opening was awesome and the dress was a big hit! I do have a couple of photos of me in the dress but can't attach them here. I can send them directly to your email addy. Here are links to a couple of sites that covered opening night:

The Scottsboro Boys Opens on Broadway
Photo Coverage: THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS Celebrate Opening Night

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Sparky, Reporter at Large

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