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Our Guarantee

Miss Kitty knows what it’s like to shop online. It can be anything from fantastic to disappointing to downright frustrating, so we work hard to provide you the best possible online shopping experience.

From measurements for a good fit, to style suggestions, condition, and history if there is any for the item, we strive to provide as much information for every product on the site that will help you make your purchasing decision. If you find that we’ve left something out, please request more information and we will get back to you asap with the details you need.

We answer all customer emails within 24 hours, 7 days a week. (USUALLY!) We try to improve our site all the time, so if you have any suggestions, we guarantee we’ll listen.

Measuring Tips

We try to measure as accurately as possible. Sizes of the past and even today’s sizes are unreliable sources when it comes to vintage apparel! There is a size comparison chart on each product page for your convenience.

When measuring for fit, please follow these basic instructions to ensure your measurements will serve as a size comparison. We measure items in their unstretched state (if it stretches) unless description says otherwise. We measure the ITEM EXACTLY – it is not a suggestion about what measurements it will fit YOU. This is how we measure:

Blouses, Tops and Shirts:

  1. Arm length is measured from shoulder to wrist hem.
  2. Bust/chest measured from armpit, across the chest to the other armpit, then measurement is doubled.
  3. Length is measured from shoulder to hem.
  4. Waist is measured across where a normal waist would fall and then doubled.

Skirts and Dresses:

  1. Waist is measured across where a normal waist would fall and then doubled.
  2. Skirt length is measured from waistband to hem.
  3. Dress length is measured from shoulder to hem.
  4. Hips are measured across where a normal hip would fall then doubled.


  1. Inseam is measured from crotch along inside of leg to hem.
  2. Waist is measured across natural waist then doubled. 
  3. Sometimes we measure from the waist, as in pajamas where the crotch is long. We mention that if it is done that way.