Creative Ways to Display Vintage Clothing

Guest post by Ty Schmidt

From dresses and handbags to shoes and jewelry, all things vintage have made a major comeback in the fashion realm. At Modernize, we believe in finding ways to integrate who you are into your home in unique and inspired ways. For lovers of vintage fashion, that means those vintage treasures should definitely not be hidden away in closets. Instead, consider showcasing them in your home by integrating them into the décor.

Here are a few creative ideas we love that you can use to display your favorite vintage pieces:

Shutterly Sensational. If you’re a proud owner of a vintage collection, chances are you already know how to sniff out a good deal at local flea markets and rummage sales. Put that thrifty thinking to work by repurposing an item you find at those types of sales. Old wooden shutters work well because they’re stylish and functional. You can paint them to fit the style of the room, add distressed features, or leave them as-is, but they make an excellent hanging space when mounted sideways on your wall of choice.


Via Amiee Weaver

Shadow boxes. For the more delicate vintage pieces that you’d rather preserve than wear, turn your under-the-bed boxes into works of art. Shadow boxes provide safe storage and the opportunity to dress up your walls with sartorial style. Try framing smaller pieces, such as bathing suits, shoes, baby clothes, or even jewelry. You can personalize with custom or painted frames, or even mount the backside with colorful scrapbooks paper for a bolder look.


Via Eddie Ross

Suit Your Display Needs. If there’s an item that’s easy to get your hands on in the world of antiques, it’s old suitcases. Most of the time, they’re not very expensive, and can be used for a variety of incredibly interesting features to a room, including (but not limited to) displaying some of your prized vintage clothes. This is a great way to tie in other elements, too, like jewelry, shoes or whatever else suits your decorative fancy.


Via One Girl in Pink

Hook Hankering. Décor in a home does not have its place in one or two rooms. It is delicately woven within the entire space of the residence, from room to room. When it comes to opportunities to display vintage specialties, don’t forget otherwise commonly forgotten spaces, like mud rooms or closets, as possible feature points for your favorites. Find some eye-catching hooks with pretty detail, and all eyes will be on your stylish art.


Via Modernize